Sunday Sunshine

Hey chickens!  How was your week?  I hope it at least pretty decent, because mine was downright shitty.  Actually, it's been rather shitty for the past three weeks or so, but who's counting at this point.  

It's funny how you get really comfortable and are so happy when things are going smoothly, but when the smallest thing (or biggest thing) goes wrong it just throws you way off. That's me, though it may not be you.  When something goes awry, I pretty much shut down and feel paralyzed.  Now, this isn't in every aspect of my life, but I'm not one of you chicks who falls down and immediately gets right back up and keeps going.  Nosireebob, I will lay there for hours thinking about why I fell down, all the different avenues I can take in getting up, and what outfit I will wear with each option.  I wallow, scream, wail, I might take a nap.  And then I do it all over again.  Yes, friends, I am an "overanalyzer" (I know that's not a word), but that's what I am.  Is there a support group for this kind of thing?  I don't know if I would have time for it anyways, because it would probably take too much time away from my analysis.

In an effort to pull myself out of my funk, I decided to go un-casual on casual Friday.  In a sea of tee shirts, jeans, and flip flops, I stuck out like a nicely manicured sore thumb in one of my staple dresses from the mothership.  Now, I am never one to wear the aforementioned articles of clothing on Fridays.  My idea of casual is wearing flats, but I felt good and some good stuff happened.  My first boss in the mortgage business, an impeccably dressed, handsome man who became a wonderful friend and mentor, always told me that beautiful clothes breed success and he was right.  He also told me that if I wore pink moccasins in his presence ever again, he would fire me.  He was serious, too.  I still have those shoes in my closet as a reminder, but I will never wear them again.  

Dress: J.Crew (sold out) similar option
Heels: BCBG, old, but I like these better
Necklaces: J.Crew Fanfare, J.Crew Gold Link
Bracelets: J.CrewJ.Crew, but here is a good "inspired version" for $12.99, Stella & Dot, F21

On another note, you crazy folks have been hounding me to start an Instagram account, so your wish is my command.  Follow workdayweekend to join me in my day to day ridiculousness!




A Few Notes

Hi love bugs!  Hope you are having a great Thursday!  Mine started out with not one but two tire blowouts.  I hit a "city titty" while driving to work and that thing was solid as a rock.  Anyways, I am one of those girls who has car trouble written in her genetic code, so I just waited for roadside assistance and went on with my day.

I've been thinking a lot on what direction to take some things from this little old blog here, to my career,  to things I simply love doing, and then maybe blending them all together.  I would describe myself as someone who hands their hands in 10,000 different things.  I'm interested and curious about everything from fashion, business, interior design, fitness, cooking... the list goes on.  I want to figure out a way to blend it all together and to have one feed the other.  I get some feedback from time to time on certain things, but want to ask you guys what you would like to see more of.  

Obviously, this is a fashion blog and always has been, so I don't want to take away from that.  I do get a really great response when I post things about home design, interiors, things of that nature, which really ties in with both of my businesses (mortgage lending and real estate investing).  I love taking something old and neglected and making it beautiful and am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do more and more of that in the near future. I haven't even shown you guys pics of the new house and it's something that we are so super proud of and that we designed specifically for us.  I'd like to mold all of this together at some point, but also have some things to share on fitness, building wealth and making smart financial decisions at a young age (young being post college to 35-ish).  Basically, I have a lot to say, but I don't want to turn people off who visit this blog for a very specific reason.  And maybe that's the part of me that wants to please everyone, who knows. I am probably going to separate it into two different blogs so one can be more business based, but I think a lot of it intertwines.  Blogger problems, right?  Give me a little feedback on things you would like to see, would ya?

Moving on.

So, you all know my love for a good old fashioned spray tan, right? Right. It's my therapy session, because the chick that does it is absolutely hilarious.  If you live in Dallas and need a flawless bronzing, call Tantrum Tan and ask for Daesha.  Anyways, this is the dress I wear when I go for my appointment.  It's cute, loose, and black - all requirements for appropriate spray tan attire.  The weird thing is that it's been in my closet for at least 7 years and I just rediscovered it when I was redoing my closet and fell in love with it all over again.  I kind of love when that happens because it becomes part of my weekly uniform, along with some other staples that beat the heat. Also, I love how my Raybans look like the mirrored reflective ones that all the cool kids are wearing nowadays!

Dress: thrifted, love this similar version
Sandals: Soda, love this brand and their awesome price point, another option
Sunglasses: Rayban
Bracelets: J.Crew, Stella and Dot
Necklace: Francesca's,  also at Daily Look for $14.99

Do you have pieces that you wear consistently, week in and week out?




Hell Hath No Fury

What is goin' on y'all???  I don't have much news, other than the fact that it is hotter than Hades and there is no end in sight! This Texas heat is not conducive to, well, anything really.  I can't begin to describe to you folks who don't live here how friggin' hot a Texas summer can be.  We've had 12 days straight with temps over 100 and you cannot go outside without breaking into an instant sweat.  And as though that ain't enough, there are mosquitoes taking over life as we know it.  Inside, outside, in your car.  One actually woke me up on Saturday morning because I heard it buzzing in my ear!  Totally unacceptable. 

It's tough to dress for this weather, when quite frankly, I'd just assume walk around naked.  But no one wants to see that, so I have been trying my hardest to make the best of our sweet little summer of hell.  I also decided to start a workout regimen and eating plan right smack in the middle of all this heat, so that's been really enjoyable.  I'm on week 4, but I took these pics right before I started, so hopefully they can serve as inspiration as I make my way through the first 90 days.  This dress looks cute now, so I can't imagine how it looks when I'm ripped to shreds and look like Jessica Biel.

Bag: Louis Vuitton Musette - awesome priced on pre-loved LV bags
Cuff: H&M old - great option from JewelMint
Necklaces: J.Crew Venus Fly Trap,  but awesome jade version here